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Friday, June 8, 2012 |
"it's friday, friday. i gotta get down on friday!" ~ lyrics to an infamous (i.e. painfully annoying) youtube song that went viral a while back.  words that emma and her classmates sing and dance to boisterously every friday incredibly hysterical and adorable ritual started by her class teachers a few months back.  even at 2 years old, she understands the inherent love of all things friday.

and on this particular friday, there is much to celebrate.  my departmental end of the year party is tonight.  it happens every year but this year is different for it is my last.  it's kind of like graduation only way less formal and thus way more fun.  there will be food and drinks and party beads.  lots and lots of party beads :)  and there will be the smiling faces of my friends and coworkers.  we've accomplished and been through a lot together in the past 3 years and tonight, we celebrate.

at the end of residency, each resident is called into the program director's office for what they call an "exit interview."  it is 30 minutes of face to face time to reflect on your experience in the program....what went well, what didn't? would you do it all again?

i offered up a few minor tidbits of constructive criticism...little things that i feel could improve the overall residency experience.  it has been hard as hell and most days i wished there was an "easy button".  i've seen the extremes that exist in medicine.  there is a lot of proverbial "gray area" in this profession but so much of what sticks out in my mind is in the observation of the extremes. the sense of satisfaction that exists in successful treatments or cures juxtaposed with the overwhelming sorrow in watching the ravages of end stage illness.  i've learned the therapeutic value of aggressive therapies, knowing when to pull back, and a long hard cry in the shower.  i've seen humanism embodied and simultaneously learned about how i would never want to treat my patients and colleagues.

but i told him, and i quote, "this has been the best 3 years of my life."  personally AND professionally.  that's not to say that it's been easy, that i have it all under control, or that every day doesn't present it's own challenge.  a therapeutic cry in the shower is one i have personal experience with ;) but it has been an amazing 3 years. and this is just the beginning. on both fronts.

so happy friday, my friends.  we're gonna get down this friday!

a few weeks back, we headed to st. augustine to capture some photos of our growing family.  i had scheduled them with our favorite camera yielding superstar, Jenn Hopkins, months ago.  but after all the reflection post-health scare and the upcoming end of couldn't have come at a better time.  i thought today's post was the perfect time to share it as this family of mine, this rowdy rambunctious crew, is my greatest accomplishment. in the last 3 years. and ever.


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