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who goes to try on veils and ends up walking out with a new (different) wedding dress?? ME...thats who!! Tiff and I went to Jay's this morning....I walked in, dress and shoes in hand, and stopped dead in my tracks.  Long story short....i didn't buy a veil, but i DID buy a new wedding dress. who am i?  for those of you that know me and ryan, you know that last year was a tough one for us.  i had owned my old dress since shortly after ryan and i got engaged at the end of 06 and lots has happened since then.  i think of this dress as a fresh start :) now i just have to tell my mom....

we're headed off on this BEAUTIFUL saturday afternoon to the engagement party of one of my med school friends.  stacie and her fiance ryan are another set of high school sweethearts who are going to tie the knot in 2009.  the weather couldn't be more perfect and i couldn't be more ready to eat some barbeque.  hope everyone is having an amazing weekend!! 



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happy st. patrick's day....late!  no 4 leaf clovers this year.....although i AM marrying an irishman and we spent the evening with a couple of our favorite people.  there aren't many things as gainesville classic as beers with friends on the open lawn of swamp.  between the twinkling white tree lights, people watching on University Ave, and the view of the midtown strip its hard to not have a good time. tiffany and i had entirely too much fun with these swirly neon green straws.  they made drinking more difficult (probably a good thing) but they sure looked cute.  ryan and brian made us official with their irish heritage.....and extra points for ryan rockin' the red hair :)  


i'm the one who likes gardenia

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well, i put so much thought into getting ready
now i know that was the best part
it's so easy to get caught up in what i'm regretting
forget what i got from a wounded heart
i'm the one who likes gardenia
i'm the one who likes to make love on the floor
i don't want to hang up the phone yet
it's been good...getting to know me more
i've been seeing all my old friends in the city
walking alone in Central Park
doing all the things that i've neglected
traded 'em all in to be in your arms
i'm the one who likes gardenia
i'm the one who likes making love on the floor
i don't want to hang up the phone yet
its been good....getting to know me more
well, i hear my own voice...sounds so silly
keep on telling my story all around
everything I lost seems so different
well, this is how everybody gets found

*a most amazing song. so many thoughts race through when i listen to it. it speaks to the ultimate importance of maintaining your sense of personal identity despite human relationships. too often, especially us girls, are so quick to give up that which is true and meaningful in ourselves just to be in a relationship. i've learned so much over the past year about this fault....and about the reality that no relationship is worth giving up on yourself for there is no romance or true love in that. we are all so much more beautiful when we hang on to ourselves :)

heaven here we come!

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i'm pretty much the most excited girl EVER right now.  we just booked our honeymoon!!!!! an amazing weeklong romantic vacation in St. Lucia.  can you say honeymoon suite? how about oceanfront?? and why am i so excited about the "plush his and her robes"? i'm such a weirdo and i love it. i'm not one to wish moments away.....but if the next few months could just fast forward, that would be just great :) white sand, blue seas, tan skin, my hubby, and a big hot pink drink.......ahhhh
i've kind of been obsessing over these vintage fashion mag prints lately.  if it were up to me they'd be all over my house but it might be a little too much estrogen for my red headed love.  check 'em out :) 

....thanks to tamara...

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my blog is born :)

i have a certain loathing of "about me" sections of anything but i suppose i can get over it for a few seconds. my dear friend heiko told me once that i don't quite acknowledge everything going on inside. and that i overcompensate with puppy dogs, butterflies, and ice cream. despite the fact that he knows me better than most anyone, he's totally wrong. i don't DO ice cream. i'm a frozen yogurt kind of girl.

cheers to my life less ordinary! and yours too :)

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