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I am happy to report that residency is officially up and running! After a weeklong orientation of getting to know my new colleagues and getting re-familiarized with this hospital I know so well after 4 years of med school…..I am officially living my professional role as Dr. Murphy! Craziness! I really like my fellow interns and the first week of residency has gone off really really well. I’ve started with my nightfloat rotation which basically means that from the hours of 7p-7a, I am responsible for about 80 patients on the Medicine services at Shands. It’s exhausting and exhilarating all at once….but I’ve convinced myself I can do anything for 2 weeks J My program has been totally amazing with respect to front loading my schedule (while I front load my belly!) so that I will get ample time off come the arrival of our little Murphy munchkin in January. The hardest part of nights is that it’s….well, nights. The schedule is weird…everything seems off kilter. It’s lonely in the hospital during those hours….and I only get to see my hubby fleetingly. I don't know what I did to deserve such an understanding and loving husband. I feel like a little zombie sometimes but again….anything is possible for 2 weeks. And, I’m learning so so much which makes the experience that much better. It’s hard to believe that after years and years of schooling, I’m actually finally living my dream.

Ryan and I were able to take one last final little vacation just prior to the start of residency. We headed over to the beach for a long relaxing weekend over Father’s Day. It was so nice to just soak up some sun, play in the waves, and reflect on the times both behind and ahead of us. Ryan’s dad and brother joined us later in the weekend and made for some really great company. We all came back really rested and really tan!

Not much else to report. We are in the process of buying the house so we will soon be homeowners!! One more exciting thing to add to our plate….why not! We got to see baby again and it is amazing to see how much he or she has grown in just a few short weeks. Ryan and I are both dying to know if we’ll be having a girl or a boy and we are counting down the days until we find out…..July 30th can’t come fast enough!! We both have our suspicions about the sex but we'll see soon enough. Then….the shopping can commence...the wait is killing me!

This is our 12 week 5 day can see baby's fingertips resting on his/her face! Just kickin back looking up at the stars....I pray this means we are having a child blessed with Ryan's perfect laid back temperament. Fingers crossed!

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