under the weather :(

Saturday, September 5, 2009 | | 0 comments

yuck! the murphy family is home sick this weekend.  ryan has been feeling crummy since monday and i started up mid-week.  we both have that sensation that our heads are going to pop off.....so congested!!! we have a symphony of coughs and sneezes going on around here! our house has turned into a pharmacy as i bought out the shelves at publix the other day. need zicam? we have a lifetime supply ;) we got a little worried that it might be the flu and finally broke down and headed to the doctor together on Friday morning to get flu swabs done (not before we had to sit in the waiting room with super attractive facemasks on like a couple on quarantine!).  we got good news though.....no flu for either of us, thankfully! i don't think it would have worried us so much if we didn't have little emma in tow - she's a trooper, though....kicking and dancing away through it all.  we haven't had the opportunity to get our flu shots yet and we just wanted to be extra careful.....or neurotic depending on how you look at it ;)

 flu or not, we both feel like stink so we headed to the movie store for some movies and to publix for some chicken noodle soup and have been on the couch all weekend hoping that a long weekend of resting will be just the ticket!  

 as i type our wonderful Gators are making QUITE the season debut, up 53 points going into the 4th quarter! we're enjoying taking in the game from the confines of our couch :)  ryan made homemade spinach-artichoke dip (he is turning into my martha stewart man) and i am snuggled up with no place i'd rather be!  here's to a speedy recovery.  hope everyone is having a wonderful labor day weekend. GO GATORS!!!!

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