change in ownership

Thursday, July 3, 2008 | | 0 comments
I'm so sick of things. As we plan for the move it's ridiculous to me how many things we actually have.  Stuff we don't even want let alone use.  We've only been around for 26 years, how is this possible??  Buying a robotic vacuum seemed like a really good idea at the time as did that sixtieth pair of heels.  All I want is to throw everything away and start from scratch.  A clean slate.  Fueled by my current mindset of less is more.  In a world where the richest country in the world has people starving on the streets I say to hell with it all.  To quote the fabulous Tyler Durden "You don't own your things, your things own you."  And thats exactly how I feel right now in this moment...Sitting in a room surrounded by boxes of clothes, books, and electronics....that own me.  More than I do myself.  It's time for a change in ownership.
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