chill out CrAzy!

Thursday, April 24, 2008 | | 0 comments
its official. i'm a hypochondriac. i won't go into details....but suffice it to say that in the past 8 months of medical school i've been entirely convinced that i am stricken with a variety of serious illnesses.  ryan constantly shoots confused glances at me (i.e. runs into the other room and ignores my "babe, do you think i have...." questions).  my mom just rolls her eyes and tries to devert conversation. its so frustrating!!! i really can't help but laugh at myself in hindsight. i pride myself on being the least neurotic med student around but.....maybe being around sick people all day has shifted my norm. i am fully aware in my logical mind that there is nothing wrong with me....but i just can't help it! 

ignorance truly is bliss sometimes, huh? the picture above has absolutely nothing to do with anything other than as a token image of me with not a care in the world. i like that thought. i think i might need to hit up an extra yoga class this week....  :) 

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