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lounging in the carribbean. sipping a cocktail. just my everyday. suuuuuure.
hi, i'm martina. it's nice to meet you. welcome to my little piece of the world wide web where i share my experiences about my life as a mommy in training, wifey to mr. murphy, and hardworking physician. oh and somewhere in that mix i like to talk about my favorite hobbies {you know, the ones i have all that spare time for. wink wink!}....taking pictures, baking yummy goodness, remodeling&redecorating our home, and laughing at myself on a daily basis.

while i have your attention...meet mr. murphy. i love this guy. A lot. he's my best friend, partner in crime, and pretty much the best thing that ever happened to me. well, him and that little rugrat he helped me make.

speaking of rugrats...emma arrived on 1.11.10 {making her almost 2 and 1/2!} and our new kid on the block, benjamin, was born 6 months ago on 10.20.11.  they are by far and away the best two things we have EVER done with ourselves....they bring so much joy to our everyday.  being parents is hard work but they are worth every ounce of it and then some. they makes us smile, makes our hearts swell with love, and are the reason i come to work most days with banana on my shirt. they make our world go round.

i've had a journal as long as i can remember. tattered pen-weathered pages tell the story of my life. something about words on a page and a picture in your hand has always been meaningful to me in a way i can't describe. life is a series of moments that are magically expressed in words and snapshots {if you ask my opinion} and it's not "real" unless its documented in some way - i guess thats my science brain way of looking at it. and i guess this blog is the best way i could come up with to document our life in a way that someday our little bean(s) could see how silly her parents were!

this blog is a chronical of our life....all the life lessons, and the wacky, funny, happy, serious parts of it. welcome and please to enjoy :)

oh, and if you want to drop me a line.....I'd love that! find me at martinacmurphy{at}gmail{dot}com


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