is this for real?

Monday, May 11, 2009 | | 0 comments
so apparently i am graduating from medical school on SATURDAY. which means that in less than a weeks time, i will be a doctor.  it doesn't even seem real....people keep asking me if i'm excited and all i can do is nod and say "uh huh!" like a goon.  at this point, i'm just going through the motions hoping that at some point....preferably before i walk across the stage on will hit me.  the flood of emotions is kind of interesting. i'm definitely excited.  but i'm also admittedly terrified.  i KNOW how to be a student. i've done it rather well for the last 20+ years of my life, thank you.  becoming a doctor and starting intern year on july 1 is totally and completely uncharted territory for me.  it means fumbling, looking stupid, asking the proverbial dumb questions, being inept......but more than anything, having the absolute time of my life.  i keep pinching myself and this for real??? :)

playing catch up !

Saturday, May 2, 2009 | | 0 comments i haven't blogged in a while and am playing big time catch up! things that have happened in the interim:

1) WE MATCHED AT UF for Internal Medicine, our TOP choice and are absolutely over the moon elated!!!!! this means so much to us for so many reasons (see the post below). I am overwhelmed with gratitude towards my unabashedly supportive husband and our family and close friends. Without all of your love and support, I never would have even gotten half this far. Although it doesn't even come close to capturing the depth of my appreciation....thank you.

2) Our beautiful wonderful Margaret visited from NYC!!! Coffee dates, poolside time, and our vegan chocolate cake tradition (thank you Top!) made for the perfect little slice of heaven. We spent alot of time drooling over our new obsession with Twilight (*eyeroll) and her upcoming adventure to Ireland!!! Oh how we love you Margaret, you shine from matter how far you are always with us :)

3) We've started the process of becoming first time homeowners!!! We are currently living in the house that Ryan grew up in and while we absolutely adore the house, we were (until a few weeks ago) unsure of where we were going for my residency training. Now that we's full speed ahead. We've already started remodeling and are knee deep in home projects. I love it! It is such a fun experience growing as a couple as we work together to make this home ours......we are both so excited to be homeowners and to continue our journey together!!!

4) We participated in National Rebuilding Day! Ryan sits on the board for a fabulous non-profit called Rebuilding Together which has a branch in North Central Florida. Their focus is offering home repairs/renovations to low income families in our community and around the country (check out Ryan organized one of the Gainesville sites and recruited friends from work and his wife to help with the project. I just have to brag for a second on how proud I am of my amazing husband and his huge heart. I was so impressed by his commitment and work ethic and the efforts put in by so many around town. I got goosebumps seeing how so many people were willing to take time out of their schedules to participate and really make a difference in the lives of people around them. It was such an amazing day.

.....thats all for now! i vow to at least TRY and be more on top of this whole posting thing :)
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