feeling faces : an exercise in emotion

Wednesday, February 6, 2013 | | 0 comments
i was raised by two psychologists.  imagine the dinner conversations we had growing up!  i always joke with people who i meet and know me well enough to learn about my upbringing that "nothing i've ever said has been taken for face value!".  it's not really true and despite the fact that i was often a guinea pig for my parents students in training ~ weschler intelligence scale for children, you ain't got nothin' on me ~ i had a decidedly "normal" childhood, whatever that means.  i love my folks and think they are awesome parents.

one of my favorite photo sets is a group of 4 photos my mom took of my friends and i in our front yard one hot summer day.  we had been running through the sprinkler and were taking a break on the lawn.  she grabbed her camera and asked us, all together, to make faces.  "give me your HAPPY face" she said.  next, "what does a SAD face look like?".  she went down the line having us express our emotions with our faces, snapping photos as she went.  those 4 photos to this day are perhaps some of my favorite of me as a kid.

i tried the same experiment with emma a few days ago.  we have become very familiar with her range of emotions and one of my favorite things about watching her grow is watching this personality bloom. from happy to sad, angry to surprised....we see them all pretty much on a daily basis.  she's getting pretty good at not only wearing her feelings on her face but also telling us, "mommy, i'm angry" or "mommy, that makes me happy" which is pretty awesome to boot.

without further ado, can you figure out how she's feeling?






emma's not the only one with feelings around here.  her little brother is happy to share his too!

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