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Thursday, March 4, 2010 | | 0 comments
I'm not even sure where to start.....
Our world has changed in the most amazing and beautiful (and sleep deprived!) of ways. Emma is finally here.....and has been for the past (almost) 9 weeks. I've been too busy soaking her up to blog! And, who am I kidding.....she's been keeping us a weeeeeee bit busy ;) What I will say is that nothing anyone ever told me about what it would be like when she was here even came close to preparing us. I don't know what it is about not having gone through the experience of bringing home a baby that makes you totally and completely unable to truly grasp what it will be like.....but, in my case, despite all the wonderful tips and advice, it knocked me off my feet. I describe it to Ryan as like getting the job of your dreams and then suddenly realizing you are sorely underqualified! The first 2 weeks of Emma's life I felt completely inadequate! But, something happened around the 2 week mark.....things clicked.....and we suddenly found ourselves in a beautiful groove with our precious little girl. Her patterns emerged, we began to understand her cries and what they meant, and we looked at each other through tired eyes and said, "This is AWESOME!".
I never knew I'd feel a love like this. She is perfect in every way we could imagine and we are so blessed to be her parents. It's so fun watching her grow so fast.....she is a big girl!! She was 7lb 12 oz at birth and at her 6.5 week checkup, she was 11lb 4oz! Woah! She's also long....having already grown 4 inches from birth....so I'm hoping she's tall like her daddy. Well, maybe not THAT tall ;) Also at that checkup she had already met all of her 2 month milestones. She has a megawatt smile that will stop you dead in your tracks and I often find myself doing weird and crazy things JUST to see that toothless grin. Thank god for curtains because I dance around the house like a fool on a daily basis :) She wiggles like a champ and loves to sit up in her bumbo. She is pretty much obsessed with ceiling fans and anything that moves in a circular fashion. She loves being held and thinks bathtime is just about the greatest thing ever. She loves to stand (with assistance of course) and she squeals in delight when we get her naked......look out! She has quite the little personality.....I tell Ryan all the time....she's just the right about of sweetness and the right amount of spunk :)
She is by far and away the accomplishment we are proudest of (I feel confident speaking for Ryan on this one!).
We are SMITTEN!!!!!!
Who IS that pretty girl in the mirror??
Unfortunately for me, maternity leave is over.....that was quick!!! Emma started daycare on March 1st and is thankfully located VERY close to me all day long. She attends Baby Gator which is literally attached to the hospital so I can run and see her anytime I want......and I do! On a daily basis! I swear they must think I am crazy, and I am....for my little ladybug! :)
Being back at work is HARD, I won't lie. Balancing all the responsibilities of being a physician, wife, friend, and mommy is tough. Way tougher than I could have ever imagined. "Multitasking" is now my middle name!
But, getting to be Emma's mommy is sooooooooo worth all the hard work. She's amazing and life is good :)

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