girlfriends make my world go round

Thursday, August 28, 2008 | | 0 comments

i was reminded this weekend, yet again, what a fantastically lucky girl i am.  i am truly truly blessed.  i am surrounded by a group of women who consistently and without fail, make me a better human being.  i was reminded this weekend of the undeniable strength of girlfriends.  girls who have been there for me during my life's darkest moments and who i know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, i could call on in any situation life presents.  we all came together on this particular weekend to celebrate a happy moment, though. i'm getting married to a man. a man who makes me happier than any person i've ever met and who allows me to be me. all day every day with no questions asked.  the girls gathered for the bridal shower and we turned the weekend into an excuse for girl time....again, no questions asked.  it was better than any wedding gift ryan and i will receive....the opportunity to have all the girls i love the very most in this world in one room at one time.  it meant so much to see them, each representing different parts of me, together at last and having oh so much fun. it reminded me that at the end of the day, when everything fades, cars, things.....we are each defined by the people with whom we choose to surround ourselves with.  for me this means, that i am defined by physical therapists (phd to be!), nurses, lawyers, physicians in training, social workers, lovers, artists, writers, dancers, and those who chose to live their lives in such a beautiful way filled with compassion, loyalty, and truth that i can't help but be inspired.  i never dreamed i'd be so lucky. girlfriends make my world go round :)
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