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Monday, October 24, 2011 |
our little ben is here and we are settling into life as a family of four! i'm still in that postpartum fog where i can't really formulate anything meaningful to say {thank you hormones!} but i definitely want to capture a few snippets of the last few days and of course....lots of pictures since they really tell the story anyway.

first, as for something that was NOT documented by pictures {thankfully!}, labor a word....horrendous.  with emma, it was such smooth sailing and the epidural worked so well that i truly had no concept as to what "labor" really felt like.  well, that all changed this time around.  i'm not going to get into all the details but suffice it to say, the epidural did NOT work.  and they gave it to me 4 different times.  so i had pitocin {and lots of it} and thats about the time ben arrived, my entire right leg was numb which would have been great had i been pushing him out of my right foot.  there was screaming. it was not pretty. and i might be a little bit traumatized.  my body is pretty bruised and battered but at the end of the day....he's here. he's healthy. and i am complete.

emma has been SO good with this transition.  despite the fact that our first full day home, we took her to the doctor because she has been battling a cough {the same one everyone else we know has had!} for literally 3 weeks. we had been in and out of the office trying to speed up her recovery process especially with ben on the way but, each time, had been sent away for "watchful waiting".  this time, we said no more.....poor thing has suffered enough.  the doctor was great and agreed that it was time. so, she's finally being treated for bronchitis and conjunctivitis. ugh!

that all being said, she's been so loving and interested.  we are still learning what is ours and what is "baby brother ben's" {what she calls him!} but i think that is entirely fair. she loves touching his feet and is very interested in his "baby hair".  today we were out and about and been started fussing.  emma, in her sweet tender little voice said "it's ok baby ben". melt my heart.

ben is just as sweet as he can be.  he is a BIG eater and loves to be held. he is the biggest fan of a swaddle i ever did meet and i just love him to pieces.  his little newborn noises make me swoon! he's only 4 days old but he graced us with 5 1/2 hours of straight sleep last night {we'll see if he can make it 2 nights in a row. ha!} and seems to have a great temperament. i just can't wait to keep getting to know him :)

so without further rather than me babble on, i'll share some photos of our last couple of days.

the hospital:
the only photo of me in labor. i was happy here with my grape popsicle :)


watching intently while the doctor examines baby ben

headed home!!!!

finally home: 
morning snuggles

emma literally climbed into ben's bouncy chair, covered herself with a blanket {his, of course} and went to sleep!

we bought emma an easel as a "present from baby ben".  she is obsessed with this thing. it has options for painting, coloring, chalk drawing, and a whiteboard.  she loves art and particularly coloring....and pretty much anything that can make a we thought she'd like this.  AND we were right ;)

and i'll leave you with a few of my sweet are only a few days old mr. ben but boy do we sure love you ;) 

that yawn is precious....and i can relate to it too ;) here's hoping for another good night!!  we are doing great and so appreciate all the well wishes and thoughtful messages.  we are sleep deprived and a little frazzled as we learn that 1 + 1 does not always equal 2 ;) but the realization that this is such an amazing time in our lives is hard to ignore....i feel complete in every sense of the word.


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